Following Jack

One of the numerous East End streets London's most famous serial killer Jack the Ripper was fleeing through after being done with his unfortunate victims. By the way, if you are into listening to a good morbid story in the original scenery, check out one of the related London Walk tours, they do a quite good job!

Big Ben


Just something for the wallpaper collection.

Portobello Road Market

I grabbed a few snapshots from our day at the Portobello Road Market and used them to give Darktable a test drive. The program has some really neat features and it is nice to see something like that being very actively developed for Linux, but most of the fun drag and drop tools are just brining my machine to its knees. If you have some good hardware and want to try it out, I suggest watching the video tutorial by Pascal de Bruijn to get an idea of the basics.

Tate Modern

Tate Modern

The Tate Modern is a big recommendation if you come anywhere close to London's South Bank. From slightly crazy Japanese pop art over impressionism to rock solid photography by Magnum veteran Bruce Davidson; You will certainly find something there that you like.
And then, when you decide that you like galleries housed in post-industrial settings, you should probably get your bags packed right away for a tour of the Ruhrgebiet. They invented this kind of stuff.



Back from an amazing weekend in London. While we had a great time, the English football team was showing some rather "improvable" performance again. In the end neither the cheering sounding through the streets from every pub in the city nor the support from the top of the BT Tower helped and the final score ended up being what you see in the picture.