Back Alley Blues

Back Alley Blues

I am still in the mood for Lomo.

The King's New Furniture

The King’s New Furniture

We finally got to visit the castle in Edinburgh. The weather was pretty Scottish on that day, so I have no "exciting" panoramic shots available. Instead, the hour of the Lomo-Filter stroke again!

Lines of Defense

View on one of Edinburgh's sturdy house fronts from somewhere up on Calton Hill.

Great Edinburgh Run 2010

Robinson, Fagan and Tewelde in action at the Great Edinburgh Run 2010. They finished the race together and reached final positions 8, 7, and 6, respectively. Congratulations also to the other runners, especially the ones who used the run to collect some money for charities.

Princes Street in Edinburgh

Princes Street

Princes Street is Edinburgh's main shopping mile, public transportation hub and tourist hive. Depending on the season, the adjacent gardens house various street markets, box offices, venues and general recreational space. A quite vivid area, but to be honest, as with most places in new town, the best part about it is the view of old town.