Old Business

Aix-la-Chapelle, DE – Untitled

In The Bushes

Monkey Business

Maastricht, NL – Untitled

South Garage

South Garage

I'll stop feeling bad for liking Lomo since people are winning prices for hipstamatic photojournalism nowadays.


"Grad school? It's the building behind hat funny sculpture."

This photo shows a part of a sculpture titled "Dove Tower and Steps to the Bottom of a Pyramid" by Ilan Averbuch. You will hardly miss it if you ever explore the UConn campus.

The Uprising

I hear that there was quite a bit of weight watchers action there yesterday...

Following Jack

One of the numerous East End streets London's most famous serial killer Jack the Ripper was fleeing through after being done with his unfortunate victims. By the way, if you are into listening to a good morbid story in the original scenery, check out one of the related London Walk tours, they do a quite good job!