Aix-la-Chapelle, DE – Untitled

Protecting the right to bare feet...


Mein Karl

The installation is open for just another couple days, so hurry up if you want to see it live: Mein Karl 2014




Oneiric at the Bunker

From a concert in December. Check facebook for the band page and sound cloud for some of their music.

Stop ACTA in Aachen

This Sunday, over 100,000 German people went on the streets to protest against ACTA, yet another sorry governmental attempt of clawing on to the good old times.


Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among college students.



Fibble from War on Art.

Like The Big Ones

I am having time and motivation for some reworks lately, I hope it is not too boring. This one is from the 2009 Mystic Irish Parade, a very entertaining event with a load of creative participants. It that makes little Mystic go pretty nuts, go see it if you can!

Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen

Rework of an older picture from 2009, taken at a Drag Queen show during the Hygenic Arts Festival. I miss the crazy New London atmosphere, sometimes that city was showing real spirit.