Foggy Morning

Seasons are changing again.



Believe it or not, this is not my time of the year.

South Garage

South Garage

I'll stop feeling bad for liking Lomo since people are winning prices for hipstamatic photojournalism nowadays.



Just some quick and dirty filter games, but I ended up quite liking it.

Just Wrong

New England Fall

Grad school does not leave time for more than some snapshots at the moment, but the colors that show up here around the blue hour are pretty breathtaking.

Big Ben


Just something for the wallpaper collection.

Portobello Road Market

I grabbed a few snapshots from our day at the Portobello Road Market and used them to give Darktable a test drive. The program has some really neat features and it is nice to see something like that being very actively developed for Linux, but most of the fun drag and drop tools are just brining my machine to its knees. If you have some good hardware and want to try it out, I suggest watching the video tutorial by Pascal de Bruijn to get an idea of the basics.